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3D Modeling & Micro-simulation

3D modeling is an excellent way to showcase prospective ideas and concepts and their impact related to a project’s proposed traffic engineering and design. It allows for an accurate, visual interpretation of the design’s impact which is understandable to a wide audience that are accustomed to computer generated (CG) graphics, similar to what they see in movies and video games.


If an audience is simply shown a set of plans overlayed onto aerial maps, it is very difficult for them to grasp how traffic will flow and how pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles will be affected. However, by simulating expected traffic flow, including pedestrians, bicycles, trains, and automobiles both at and above grade, the audience can fully grasp the impact of proposed changes, resulting in better buy-in and satisfaction when completed.


The key for success is not only in producing high quality visual effects, it is creating those effects through Micro-Simulation modeling that not only allows for a comprehensive analysis of the intersection, but provides an accurate overview of how the intersection operates within the surrounding roadway network. Once raw traffic data is transformed into the Micro-simulation model, TranSmart’s experts create photo realistic videos of the intersection’s operations. And when an audience who will be affected by proposed traffic construction can view what will be created in a manner that is more understandable, anxiety is reduced and the ability to move forward with confidence is enhanced.

This video was produced and is the product of the Illinois Tollway and is for editorial and promotional use only.   The Illinois Tollway reserves the right to deny use of any photo, graphic or logo. These images may not be used for commercial purposes.