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Data Collection


TranSmart has a variety of options to meet your data collection needs. We employ the latest sensors and recording hardware to provide you with optimum solutions. Additionally, TranSmart develops in-house custom technology so equipment can be depolyed in any situation, long- or short-term.

Alpha Count

The AlphaCount unit is TranSmart's own portable video unit used to capture traffic data for counting. It can be set to continuous recording or scheduled to capture specific hours anytime day or night thanks to infared technology. The AlphaCount unit allows for many areas to be captured then counted at a later date and provides the ability to verify count quality, making in-field traffic counts unnecessary.


The BlueTOAD unit utilizes bluetooth receiving technology that anonymously captures data from passing vehicles that have an active bluetooth device. This allows for us to calculate travel time and movement in real time.


A utility developed by TranSmart Technologies which enables a powerful combination of data aggregation/management. This tool is scalable/customizable which allows for it to be implemented into a wide variety of solutions including; Construction Monitoring, Traffic Operation Center, and Performance Measurement.


Current implementation includes; Real-time traffic data, live camera feeds, flow charts, and data archiving.


We work with Miovision Technologies to collect and count traffic data using their Scout video collection unit.

IP Cameras

The IP Camera allows for real-time traffic monitoring through wireless technology so live traffic conditions can be viewed from any device with an internet connection.


The Wavetronix SmartSensor Digital Wave Radar is perfect for accurate and stable data collection solutions. If you need a permanent or short-term install, we have the accessories that will work for you.