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TranSmart is on the selected design team for the 75th Street Corridor Improvement Project

April 3, 2019 - CSX has selected a team including TranSmart to provide professional design services for two of four projects that comprise the 75th Street Corridor Improvement Project (75th St. CIP), the Forest Hill Junction Flyover (P3) and the 71st Street Grade Separation (GS19). The GS19 project is an integral component of the P3 project; therefore, there are design efficiencies to design the projects together.

These projects will separate freight and passenger rail lines in the West Englewood, Auburn Gresham, Ashburn and Chicago Lawn neighborhoods that currently intersect and create significant delays, train idling and congestion.

The CREATE partners' commitment to creating economic opportunities in the surrounding neighborhoods is reflected in both the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation goal (30%) for this work, as well as the number and size of project elements in the Request for Proposals (RFP). TranSmart/EJM will provide roadway, drainage and lighting design services.

In addition to meeting the DBE requirements, the team includes Workforce Development Strategies Group (WFDS) LLC. This group specializes in developing and delivering a workforce reflective of a project's surrounding communities. WFDS will identify employment and small businesses opportunities that support local hiring and diversity objectives for the 75th St. CIP by providing a "one stop shop" that identifies qualified candidates, provides training and matches and connects employees and employers via a workforce development portal. The CREATE partners are excited to access these services.

The design of Forest Hill Junction Flyover (P3) and the 71st Street Grade Separation (GS19) is anticipated to begin this year with the first stages of construction beginning in 2020 and completion in 2025. A public meeting is anticipated later in 2019 to discuss design and project elements.


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