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TranSmart Joins the Atlas Family

In March 2022, Atlas Technical Consultants welcomed TranSmart to the Atlas family of engineering companies addressing the nation’s most complex environmental and infrastructure challenges. Atlas Technical Consultants (Atlas) is a nationally recognized firm headquartered in Austin, Texas with more than 3,500 professional staff in 43 states. TranSmart's experience spans more than 30 years and brings innovative technologies and traditional engineering design disciplines to support growth in the Midwest and nationwide. Subsequent to the acquisition, TranSmart, Inc. and its parent company TranSmart Technologies, Inc. were converted from S corporations to Limited Liability Companies. The entity names are now TranSmart, LLC and TranSmart Technologies, LLC to reflect the updated legal organization. The FEINs remain unchanged for each entity. In addition, all operations, processes, leadership, and systems remain the same as they were prior to the conversions.


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