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A few examples of our work

We have successfully completed projects and studies of all sizes in both lead and subconsultant roles. This includes assignments ranging from municipal traffic and parking to major travel corridors spanning multiple jurisdictions and requiring environmental documentation to secure federal and state funding. We take great pride in helping our clients plan, design, and implement their goals. The projects showcased here are only a few that we’ve completed within our six major service areas.

Traffic Engineering

Verona Road Improvement


As a subconsultant to Strand, TranSmart provided traffic data collection and analysis of real-time travel time for the Verona Road interchange area and associated arterials that could be influenced by future construction. TranSmart installed BlueTOAD/Bluetooth reader technology to collect and analyze real-time speed profile information for base conditions on Verona Road and other arterials. This information was used to determine potential effects during construction of the interchange. As part of the study, TranSmart also conducted travel time studies through field investigations.



Zoo Interchange Advanced Traffic Signal System


TranSmart Technologies, Inc. is working with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) SE Region Signal Systems group to evaluate the operations of the first Adaptive Signal System installed on Hwy 100 in Wisconsin. The project study area consists of a 1.5 mile segment of STH 100 with six signals adjacent to the Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, WI. Intersections included Walnut Road, North Avenue, Meinecke Avenue, Middle Mall Driveway, Center Street, and Burleigh Street. The scope of the work included evaluation of both the network and corridor traffic operations under existing timings and optimized timings, before and after implementation of the (InSynch) Adaptive Signal System. Also included were multiple travel time runs, and evaluation of the benefits versus costs of traffic signal coordination and optimization. An intensive traffic data collection and evaluation for the purposes of documenting before and after corridor operations and conditions related to the implementation of the new adaptive signal control system was completed.


STH 23 Corridor Management Study


TranSmart Technologies, Inc. assisted the prime consultant to identify future improvements for this commercial corridor located on the west side of the city of Fond Du Lac in Fond Du Lac County, Wisconsin. The corridor transitions from commercial to rural residential and agricultural use, and is envisioned to contain a mix of land uses and densities within the next 20 to 30 years. The STH 23 facility is connected to USH 41 via an interchange and serves a number of large retailers and auto dealerships. The corridor includes both four-lane and rural two-lane facilities with both signalized and unsignalized intersections. TranSmart was responsible for review of historical crash and safety analysis, aggregating and supplementing Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) traffic data collection activities, land use analysis and video data collection, GIS data collection and preparation of traffic and existing conditions, meeting displays and attendance, preparation of Level of Service (LOS) for existing and future traffic, and preparation of Intersection Control Evaluations (ICE) following the new WisDOT template for eight locations along the STH 23 corridor.