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Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)


Image Courtesy of Chicago Department of Transportation

TranSmart is providing a variety of ITS services, as a subconsultant, to support the City of Chicago’s traffic operations and advanced traffic management system (ATMS). The system’s deployment will continue to modernize, centralize, and advance the City’s overall traffic management capabilities—including operations monitoring and control, ITS infrastructure, and dissemination of traveler information.


The ATMS project will integrate numerous disparate systems across various City agencies and departments. TranSmart is providing multiple types of testing and data-analysis services to support the deployment and performance metrics required for city-wide traffic operations. On-site ITS program support services include project management, performing asset inventories, reviewing system configurations and connectivity to internal and external systems, and analyzing data utilization in support of ATMS’ functionality. TranSmart is also evaluating ITS devices and various hardware setup activities to provide decision support for system deployment. As additional ATMS customizations and features are applied, TranSmart will also provide software development services for user interface and workstation access.


Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)



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