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Chicago Area Transit Studies—Union Station, Central Area, and River North


TranSmart provided transportation planning expertise, as a subconsultant, on several studies including passenger and vehicular flow studies surrounding Union Station, River North Streeterville, and the Central downtown area. 

TranSmart developed and evaluated future scenarios of passenger and vehicular flows surrounding Chicago’s Union Station and analyzed how well the surrounding streets / sidewalks could accommodate projected increases in passenger volumes, under future development scenarios, and with operation and capital improvements. TranSmart also conducted a traffic planning study to evaluate traffic operations if a reversed traffic direction on Canal and Clinton streets were desirable and feasible. Under the revere-flow configuration, CTA bus doors at bus pickup and drop-off locations at Union Station and Ogilvie Transportation Center would better align with rail station doorways.

River North Streeterville (RNS) Transit Study reviewed existing conditions and presented options to improve transit and intermodal connections between the West Loop transit stations and River North Streeterville neighborhoods. TranSmart was part of the RNS Transit Study project team, and responsible for data collection for baseline conditions, and also assisted with identifying conceptual alternatives, and assisting with defining traffic-related impacts associated with each alternative and worked with the project team to determine traffic design features of the alternatives for comparative assessment. 

Central Area Transitway (CAT) Planning Study differentiated the performance of a broad set of transit investment alternatives. The study identified, evaluated, and screened a full range of corridor transit technologies and alignments generally following the Federal New Starts process. From a planning perspective, the study evaluated the Loop Link and Michigan Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) transitway alternative and the Monroe Street Subway-Lakefront Busway alternative. A system of goals, objectives, and evaluation criteria was used to compare alternatives. The conclusion of the study was to advance viable transitway solutions that will connect travelers with faster, more reliable and user-friendly travel by transit.


Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)


Transportation Planning



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