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I-80 Freeway, Ridge Road to US Route 30—Crash Analysis


As a subconsultant, TranSmart performed a crash analysis, and applicable administrative work and QA/QC for the I-80 Freeway from Grundy County Line (Ridge Road) to US Route 30 improvement project. The data was studied to identify cause and countermeasures and categorized by the given criteria including pavement conditions, weather conditions, accident type (i.e., rear-end collisions, head-on collisions, and angle collisions), time of day, and location. The study included:

Crash Data Review and Calculation

•   Reviewed five years of crash data and tabulated

•   Compared results to the statewide averages

•   Evaluated fatalities and severe-injury crashes


Written Analysis

•   Identified crash patterns

•   Analyzed probable causes of crashes

•   Determine probable countermeasures—for inclusion in the proposed improvement plan

•   Wrote analysis of an additional five years crash data 

—for inclusion as an update to the original crash report


Crash Exhibits

•   Prepared crash exhibits for inclusion in the crash report update

TranSmart also performed an interchange performance analysis and provided Phase II design services for temporary and replacement highway roadway lighting for this I-80 improvement project.


Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)


Transportation Planning



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