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Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) Reconstruct and Add Lane-Conceptual Design through Maintenance


TranSmart provided professional services as part of the I-90 Conceptual Design Corridor Manager, the I-90 Design, the Tollway ITS Maintenance, and the I-90 Construction Management teams.

The Conceptual Design Corridor Team was responsible for the planning and design of a “smart corridor” concept. TranSmart’s work tasks included the development of design concepts and renderings for various operational alternatives, including Active Traffic Management (ATM) and Managed Lane, and assessments of ITS equipment and components to determine compatibility with the Illinois Tollway’s requirements. TranSmart took the lead for the development of the Concept of Operations for the I-90 Smart Corridor, including the ATM deployment. TranSmart also conducted an evaluation of the potential for a connected vehicles deployment in this corridor, either as an affiliated test bed or pilot deployment.

TranSmart’s ITS design engineering services included preparation of the necessary contract plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) for the fiber-optic communications cable plan and network infrastructure for the corridor. This involved defining the operational parameters (i.e., device locations, data and video interfaces) along with the underground conduit and cable pathway infrastructure requirements (i.e., fiber count, type and size, cable distances, connector types, interconnect points, patch panels, splice locations) of the system; and planning the cable route to determine the actual placement and physical locations of the fiber-optic infrastructure along the corridor while taking into account industry best practices to ensure the fiber-optic communications cable plan was constructible.

TranSmart subcontracted to provide construction inspection, supervision, and Phase III engineering services including construction management for the installation of ITS devices and corresponding communications and software systems along the I-90 East and West corridors. To date, TranSmart has been involved in all phases of the implementation of the Illinois Tollway’s Connected Vehicle (CV) pilot test deployment along the Jane Addams Memorial (I-90) Tollway corridor.


Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA)


Connected Vehicle Implementation



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