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Statewide Transportation Operation Centers’ (TOC) Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) Operations Program Management


Image Courtesy of Virginia Department of Transportation

As subconsultant, TranSmart is providing regional and statewide operations program management support services to manage the performance of five transportation operation centers and their associated safety service patrol (SSP). The project scope includes 24/7 patrol and monitoring of approximately 898 miles of interstate—divided into five regions—throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. The goal is to provide safer roadways by initiating faster incident response times by utilizing transportation intelligence to detect incidents, assist with temporary traffic control, speed up clearance of incidents, and manage weather response. TranSmart operates as an extension of the team that, under the leadership of VDOT’s Program Management Office, coordinates and manages regional and statewide service delivery. TranSmart’s team includes the Statewide Floor Operations Trainer, Statewide Safety Service Patrol Trainer, Document Control Coordinator, Operations Performance staff, Traffic Operations Center operators, and Operations Engineers.


Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)



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