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Stevenson Expressway (I-55) Managed-Lane Value Engineering Study (VES)  


As part of a multidisciplinary value engineering team, TranSmart provided expertise in traffic engineering and ITS operations and infrastructure—specifically managed lanes / electronic toll collection and active traffic management for the proposed additional capacity and improved transportation services work along I-55 (I-355 to I-90/94). The proposed project would add an additional managed lane in each direction by converting the existing, paved median areas and widening into the existing, grassed median areas along I-55. The study included:

  • Evaluation of plan sheets—typical sections, sequence of operations, bridge condition report, and abbreviated project report

  • Evaluation of FHWA cost estimate review

  • Evaluation of constructability issues

  • Development of feasible alternatives and quantify impacts and cost


Upon completion of the study, a report with supporting documentation was prepared and included recommendations and techniques for consideration to reduce costs (approx. $23 million) and improve the overall project value.


Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)


Transportation Planning



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