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Utility Coordination and Management Project, and Deep Excavation / Foundation Review Project Support


TranSmart is on both the Utility Coordination and Management Team and the Deep Foundation / Excavation Review Team, in support of the City’s major initiative to coordinate the construction activities of public and private utilities in City roadways.


The Utility Coordination and Management project includes coordinating City construction projects such as roadway resurfacing and reconstructions, watermain and sewer improvements, and in-street work by utilities such as ComEd, Peoples Gas, and AT&T. TranSmart is providing ongoing support, as a subconsultant, to coordinate and manage utility construction projects across the City, and provided field personnel to conduct daily inspections of utility construction sites to verify permits and schedules, compliance with safety and construction requirements, and completion in compliance with restoration specifications and requirements. TranSmart is also providing CDOT with on-site staff to provide documentation and database management for the program.


The Deep Foundation / Excavation Review project involves reviewing proposed designs and means and methods of deep foundations, open-cut excavations, and earth-retention systems being installed at various Chicago locations to minimize the adverse impact to the public infrastructure due to the construction and performance of these systems. TranSmart is responsible for inspection services to project sites, and technical administrative support services.


Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)


Telecommunications and Utilities



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